LYRICS TO 'Hippity Hop'
written by Pimp Tea
produced by Ill Factor & Pimp Tea

Do you ever hear a beat
that takes you back to the day,
Of when you were a child,
free to dream each day away,

When Nursery rhymes,
Were more precious than a dime,
Because fantasy
was still real in our mind,
Mother Goose,
Lil Red Caboose,
The Spruce Moose,
A mind so loose,
Able to produce,
Powers like Zeus.
At least in our mind,
Cause we didn't have to refine,
Our every thought,
To match that taught,
Because we were free
To see the world blindly,
And now I miss
That precious bliss,
A high higher than dope,
And I just hope,
That with my seed,
I will rediscover, the child in me.
In me.

Hey diddle diddle,
I'm missing those riddles,
But I won't frizzle & drizzle,
Cause I've grown strong,
Learned how to get along,
But deep down, I long,
For a childhood membership,
Cause then I would remember shit,
Like who jumped over the moon,
Who ran away with the spoon,
I assume,
That I grew up way too soon.

Roddy Flores chorus 2x

Rhymes, Rhymes
Are mystical finds,
Taking you back to the days of nursery rhymes.

From time to time,
I write an emcee rhyme
Takin me back to the days
Of nursery rhymes,
When I used to find,
that all day was play
Now sometimes,I realize,
Through these emcee eyes,
That I miss those days,
Of mindless child play
Wish I could have stayed
No more than the age of eight
No worries about dates,
No worries about "is she late",
No one around to playa hate.

I wish I could create
A way to stay
Forever a child
Acting crazy wild,
That precious smile,
Of happiness
And pure bliss,
Yielding blindness,
To the abyssfullness,
Of the world,
Cause we were still pure,

And still felt the allure
Of being alive
Wanting to thrive
And to strive
To learn the steps
To live life in depth
Without fear of death
Free from stress,
Still blessed
with life's caress
and nuthin' but the best.

chorus 2x

A free mind,
Slightly blind,
Not yet defined
That mankind
Has yet to touch,
And forced to judge
Even the slightest thing
Be more precious than any bling bling,

Hate, jealousy & pride,
Create envy inside
And that's no way to live,
That's why I wish I were a kid
Life still mysterious
like a pyramid
Finding treasures hidden amid
The garden soil,
Feelings pure royal,
Cause all in your life
Is to you loyal
And free from strife

Get to work,
Never play.
Does no one understand?
A child I wish to stay.
No imagination
No conscious thought
Logical reasoning
Tells me I'm a robot
The teacher teaches
What they've been tought.
One corner of our mind it reaches,
Preventing creative thought.
How we sit, listen
Don't talk
My eyes start to glisten
on this lonely walk

We can never go back,
Our innocence forever lost
Our soul will always lack
As we cover with frost.

chorus 1x

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